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Such wisdom from Ocean Vuong in an AQA on his Instagram.



It looks like another humdrum tweet. But there’s poetry there: break it down into syllables (17), split them 5/7/5 over three lines, and – hey presto! – you have a haiku.


Totally over
This stupid weather. I hate
Being cold. So much.


Tweet Haikus is a project created by H6O6. It uses a computer program called a “natural language toolkit” in order to “pluck haiku formed tweets from the public stream.” There’s a techy article explaining how it works here but, in short, the program analyses the 400 million tweets posted each day to determine whether they might work as haikus.

I think it’s a really interesting project, and a great illustration of the pandemonium of social media: some of the haikus are disturbing, others banal, others brilliant. The program hears poetry in the noise.

@emwildcat’s haiku was originally posted here. There’s more haiku here, and you can read about Google Poetics, another online found poetry project, here.


Here’s a wordplay I recently wrote on the train from Eastbourne to London. On this journey you snake through the South Downs and skate across a floodplain on the approach to Lewes, where this poem is set.


‘The Mirror’

The mirror the rain left
mirrored the sky.
It mirrored the clouds
when they sailed
through the sky.
It mirrored the sun
when it smiled
through the clouds.
It mirrored the bird
when it thirstily
the mirrored bird.
And when the clouds
grew bigger and blacker
it was no longer a mirror.
Instead it was a glut of rain.


I was looking at a puddle and then I saw the sky. It goes without saying that this was inspired by the abysmal weather we’ve been subject to in Britain this summer. Go here for another poem about rain. And, if things continue in the same vein, stay tuned for another.

FATHOM – A Fisherman

Another extract from my ongoing recordings of ‘Fathom‘. Click here for the text.

You can listen to more recordings from ‘Fathom’ here.