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On Thursday I was at the Hackney Empire for the Erased Tapes 5th anniversary concert. It was a night of wonderful music, but there was no doubt who was the star of the show: Nils Frahm. His touch – here gentle, there brutal – is breathtaking. Whilst I was watching him play, mouth agape, I wrote him a poem of thanks.


‘To Nils Frahm’

I tried to write you a poem
one that sounded like pebbles
poured onto piano strings
but I gave up
no poem could ever hum
like a sonata of stone.


If you want to see what Nils can do live, watch this. Prepare to be amazed.

FATHOM – Swimmers

Here’s another audio clip from ‘Fathom‘, recorded whilst trudging across the pebbles of Eastbourne beach.

More recordings can be found on my SoundCloud page here.


I’ve started to record each section of ‘Fathom‘ individually with the aim of creating a “set” on SoundCloud. Here’s the Introduction.

If I work through the poem chronologically I’ll be able to focus on getting each section just so. Download and listen as you please.


I’ve always enjoyed walking on pebbles for the sound. Here are a few lines from ‘Fathom’ which seek to describe it.


My ears relish
the crisp, brittle,
splintery timbre
of pebble on pebble –

pocketful of marbles.


“Pebble” just happens to be one of my favourite words. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m a sucker for alliteration, especially when it comes to Ls (see above!). Read more from ‘Fathom’ here.