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photo: gilest

photo: gilest

What Would Your Superpower Be?

Mine would be falconry
man can’t compete
with a sharp-set hawk
stooping at 322kph
is it a bird is it a plane
yes it’s a peregrine falcon


A univocalism is a poetic form that enables the use of one vowel and one vowel only. It was pioneered by Oulipo, a group of bonkers French writers and mathematicians, who believe(d) that linguistic restraint reveals the true nature of the unconscious. Here’s one that only includes A.



A jackdaw darts past
a dark landmass
and lands
athwart a black branch.
Gnats swarm.
Stags brawl.
Swans arch.
Hark! A hawk snags a lark.
Sharp claws hack, slash, dash.
Dastardly, a flash hawk snacks.


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