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From the Desert to the Deep Blue Sea


Driving from Las Vegas to Seattle via Grand Canyon and Yellowstone

5 mountain passes
4 national forests
3 Indian reservations
1 continental divide
4 national parks
3 campsites
3 waterfalls
2 volcanoes
12 lakes
10 gas stations
3 roundabouts
4 diners
3 motels
3 yellow Volkswagen Beetles
2 bald eagles
1 western tanager
0 condors
6 burgers
1 circumhorizontal arc
38 coffees
4 dust devils
5 buffalo herds
2 cowboys
5 hikes
1 float
2 cars


2,772 miles
2.5 weeks
2 companions

Sunday 17th June – Tuesday 3rd July 2018




the waterfall in the Twin Peaks title sequence
cascades through my dreams I see your face
& feel like I am falling


picture the traffic lights
‘there at midnight
changing for nobody’
wonder whether quoting Mort
is quoting Mort quoting Lynch
whether any words / thoughts
/ lines / poems are original
whether love is unoriginal




I love you
because you some typefaces
more than you love me
while I love you less
than I love some rock formations
and that is why you love me
example: Gill Sans
example: Durdle Door


previously on Twin Peaks I was falling
because you make me feel like a waterfall
so in the morning I enjoy damn fine coffee
and picture midnight on a moonless night
when the traffic lights change
only for you & I
only for us