The Cold Tap Sings

the p-word

Tag: Air


Because Because

Because the cause
Because the Cairngorms
Because mouthing that word
Takes two bites of air
Because the internet
Is not the answer
Because the night
Belongs to lovers
Because the rain
Because the city
Because the city rain
Because our glasses
Clash when we kiss
Because austerity


I’ve started to record each section of ‘Fathom‘ individually with the aim of creating a “set” on SoundCloud. Here’s the Introduction.

If I work through the poem chronologically I’ll be able to focus on getting each section just so. Download and listen as you please.


This weekend I’m returning to the sea having not seen it in over a month. It goes without saying that I’m a little excited. To celebrate, here’s what’ll likely be the opening section of ‘Fathom’.



Now I remember:
when the sea rises
the air loses depth.

The sea rises.

Shallows, shoals
and rock pools
an afterthought
of the endless
peaks and troughs.

The air loses depth.

pile up
on the ceiling
of the sky.

The sea rises.

Like a humpback whale
to a cloud of krill
she swallows great clumps
of grey pebbles whole.

The land vanishes.


Read more extracts from ‘Fathom’ here, and fingers crossed for some more inspiration this weekend.