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Delighted to say that my new pamphlet, Another Green World, is published by SPAM Press today. It’s composed of alternative lyrics for the 14 songs that form Brian Eno’s pre-internet album of the same name

another green world

The poems were assembled by sourcing the album’s lyrics from the online text database Genius and erasing everything but the first word of each line. This word was then Googled, and its suggested searches used either as a springboard for improvisation or verbatim as a new line. Since 9 out of the 14 songs are instrumental, the majority of the poems are ‘wordless’.

All the clouds turn to words
All the words float in sequence
No one knows what they mean
Everyone just ignores them

–Brian Eno

You can buy Another Green World here. It’s one of four pamphlets in their spring series (as pictured) for which there’s a neat bundle deal here.



googling frank

Found this poem while looking for another.




by Eileen Myles

I was so willing to pull a page out of my notebook, a day, several bright days and live them as if I was only alive, thirsty, timeless, young enough, to do this one more time, to dare to have nothing so much to lose and to feel that potential dying of the self in the light as the only thing I thought that was spiritual, possible and because I had no other way to call that mind, I called it poetry, but it was flesh and time and bread and friends frightened and free enough to want to have another day that way, tear another page.

From the Desert to the Deep Blue Sea


Driving from Las Vegas to Seattle via Grand Canyon and Yellowstone

5 mountain passes
4 national forests
3 Indian reservations
1 continental divide
4 national parks
3 campsites
3 waterfalls
2 volcanoes
12 lakes
10 gas stations
3 roundabouts
4 diners
3 motels
3 yellow Volkswagen Beetles
2 bald eagles
1 western tanager
0 condors
6 burgers
1 circumhorizontal arc
38 coffees
4 dust devils
5 buffalo herds
2 cowboys
5 hikes
1 float
2 cars


2,772 miles
2.5 weeks
2 companions

Sunday 17th June – Tuesday 3rd July 2018


Stay Tail

A poem found on the Blodgett Canyon Overlook Trail in Ravalli County, Montana, USA.