by Robin Boothroyd


A collection of twenty-two chapbooks whose order is unfixed and whose topics are various.

Reading can be freefall.


First chapbook picked by choice, the rest at random.

  1. Pronoun Envy
  2. Variations on the Right to Remain Silent
  3. Candor
  4. L.A.
  5. Zeusbits
  6. Cassandra Float Can
  7. 108 (flotage)
  8. By Chance the Cycladic People
  9. Stacks
  10. Eras of Yves Klein
  11. Nelligan
  12. The Dessignated Mourner
  13. Powerless Structures Fig. II (Sanne)
  14. Maintenance
  15. Good Dog I, II and III
  16. Possessive User as Drink (Me)
  17. How to Like “If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso” by Gertrude Stein
  18. Merry Christmas from Hegel
  19. Uncle Falling
  20. Wildly Constant
  21. Contempts
  22. Pinplay

Commenced 30th December 2016
Completed 23rd January 2017