It’s high time I introduce you to one of my recent collaborations. I was asked by Georgina-Kate Adams of The Seed, Africa to write a short poem which would serve as a reward for pledging to their campaign. The Seed’s campaign is centred on the idea that only through education can you change the world, something I strongly believe myself. By pledging to The Seed, you will be giving the gift of a top level education to a young girl in Swaziland, allowing her to follow her dream of one day qualifying as a doctor. Over to G-K herself.

I wanted to write a poem which would express the philosophy of The Seed clearly and concisely without sounding like a tag line. Trickier than you might think. After a few drafts I opted for a haikuesque form with one clear image, the central image of the campaign: the seed.


With tender heart
And gentle hands
Prepare the loam.
Now plant the seed.


A simple message. There are a variety of rewards on offer depending on how much you pledge. My poem will be printed on an organic cotton tote with the names of all of the backers printed on the reverse. The campaign’s now entering its final few weeks, so there’s no better time to pledge. Head to The Seed, Africa’s website for more information on the project. Save on that new pair of shoes and pledge today: you’ll change the world.