by Robin Boothroyd

This week I came across an amazing Tumblr called Google Poetics. Curated by Sampsa Nuotio and Raisa Omaheimo, the website is a collection of screenshots of Google’s suggested searches presented as found poems. Here’s one I made earlier.

The curators encourage internet users to submit the content, as Google tailors searches based on an internet user’s language, location, gender, age and all manner of other criteria. If a suggested search pops up it’s because someone, somewhere has searched for it in the past…

As in every found poem, the proximity of incongruous subjects – Shakespeare and Sharon Watts, for example – makes for comic effect.

Google Poetics is updated daily, so it’s well worth checking out. And why not have a go at submitting a found poem yourself? I sent them this one.

Read more found poems here.