The Cold Tap Sings

the p-word


Margate Railway Station. Design by Arnold Schwartzman.


This book is just soooo00000ooooo exceptionally good. I came across it in Greg Thomas’s review on SPAM Plaza, which provides context and analysis of a writer whose impact and importance has long been undervalued. This reissue on Primary Information & Ugly Ducking Presse will hopefully change that.

Available in the UK at the London Centre for Book Arts.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth [183]

Lately, I’ve been working on some erasures of the first book I ever read, Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Words have been hard to come by this year, so it’s been a pleasure and a relief to make poems by finding rather than writing.


Performing at the launch of SJ Fowler’s Sticker Poems in London last week. What a pleasure to perform again! & out in the wild too! Sticker Poems and Virtual Oasis, the anthology of AI-inspired poetry I read from, are published by Trickhouse Press. They also published my selection of minimal poems, ATOMISED, last year.